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Fourthwave | FourthWave Sacramento Company Profiles
Meet the leading Sacramento female tech CEOs and their companies, seeking a combined $18M in capital, with market opportunities combined in excess of $500B within 3 years. These 7 out of 20 applicants to FourthWave in 2018 represent a majority of the most valuable and successful companies emerging.
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2017 Sacramento CEO Cohort & Companies


Dr. Le Vuong, CEO/Founder

The Redmelon Company

It all began with a dissertation project and a trip to rural Vietnam to find ways to alleviate vitamin A deficiency among children and young mothers.


What Dr. Le Vuong discovered was a red melon-like fruit, known locally as “gac,” with truly remarkable properties. Used for generations as a rice colorant, it happened to also contain incredible concentrations of vitamins and nutrients.


The Redmelon Company (formerly Fishrock Laboratories) is developing it for numerous vital applications, including patented superfoods for underserved nations and anti-inflammatory skin treatments, to the CBD (cannabinol) medicine and wellness markets and as a natural colorant for textiles.


The Redmelon Company is raising early stage capital. They seek investment partners who are excited about investing in this $2.5B market.


Beth Dodson, CEO/Cofounder


It’s often said your home is your biggest investment, but it’s also a highly complex property that requires regular maintenance, inventory tracking, insurance, repair, financing, and the occasional redesign and remodel.


HomeZada is an easy-to-use web-based and mobile application designed for comprehensive home ownership management, so that you can maximize your property’s value and stay on top of household needs. There are 86,985,872 homeowners in the US as of 2012 (US Census), and millennials are leading the buying trends.

HomeZada has thousands of users in over 15 countries. They are raising a Series A, with proven technology and positioned as a platform in the home and real estate data sectors.


Kim Box, President/CEO

Gatekeeper Innovation 

The tragedy of medication abuse often begins when one family member is prescribed powerful painkillers and another is secretly susceptible to experimentation and addiction. Last year, nearly 4 billion prescriptions were filled in U.S. retail.


Ninety percent of people who become addicted to prescription medications began using in their teenage years, 70% found those prescriptions in their home medicine cabinet, and only 3% lock up medications in their home. Prescription drug addiction is the #1 health crisis in our nation.


Gatekeeper Innovation is addressing the crisis with its flagship product SaferLock, a patented, four-digit-combination locking cap designed to simply and affordably prevent misuse or abuse of unauthorized medication. Gatekeeper Innovation has experienced positive momentum with the heightened awareness of the opioid crisis.


Gatekeeper Innovation is raising a Series A to expand its sales and marketing reach through pharmaceutical and pharmacy partnerships.



Venita Sivamani, CEO/Cofounder 


When it comes to skincare, there is an abundance of information, but not all of it is reliable or based on verifiable research.


Dermveda.com offers an impartial, science-backed educational resource that is developed and curated by dermatologists and alternative medical practitioners─think WebMD meets Consumer Reports─so you can take the guesswork out of taking care of your skin.

Dermveda is rapidly adding sponsor partners and new courses, as well as internationally acclaimed authors to their content platform.


The company is raising a Series A with a focus on growing their already leading cohort of medical education practitioners and their portal for continuing education.


Janine Yancey, CEO/Founder 


Employee compliance training is so much more than enforcing workplace rules. In today’s social media-driven environment, it is a vital tool for examining behavioral issues and turning your workplace into a high-performance culture. Recent news of companies like Uber losing billions in market capitalization due to culture issues highlight the value of Emtrain’s solution.


Emtrain, now used by over 500 companies, is a top-rated compliance learning platform that uses relatable, relevant content to educate employees and help businesses measure, analyze and improve organizational health.

Emtrain generates strong revenues today and is raising a Series A to help them scale their direct sales and business development activities in order to continue leading in this important HR business segment.


Dr. Angie Gelli, Ph.D/President 


The blood-brain barrier is a highly selective semipermeable membrane that separates circulating blood from the brain. It acts as a kind of security system, allowing the entry of nutrients while blocking other substances, especially harmful ones.


However, this barrier also blocks drugs that might otherwise be able to repair an injured or diseased brain. NanoCERE Technologies has developed a revolutionary nano “carrier” that harnesses the tactics used by pathogens to open this barrier and “trick” it into allowing the passage of therapeutics to deliver critical treatment for brain disorders.

NanoCERE’s platform approach, using its technology as a transport vehicle, is at the forefront of drug delivery for many diseases. Dr. Gelli is an accomplished researcher at UC Davis Medical Center and her company is seeking early stage capital to complete late stage trials.