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We are proud to launch in Sacramento in 2017.
Sacramento, RAILS Innovation Program, Start-up Ecosystem, Female Founders
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Sacramento In the News

We just launched in Sacramento!

Sacramento In the News

Sacramento Is Experiencing Explosive Technology Growth

We launched in Sacramento in February of 2017 as a “co-creation” year, funded in part by the City of Sacramento and their RAILS Innovation Grant Program, the largest of any city in the U.S. 

FourthWave began its journey as “The Elevate Project” in Los Angeles, where the Mayor and his leadership on gender equality and innovation helped to spawn our programs. (Learn more about our LA history and programs here).  “We call program building years “co-creative,” says founder Nancy Perlman, “because every city has a unique set of needs and attributes in their start-up ecosystems. Working together with founders and community, business, government, and technology leaders and investors we can build and deliver programs that fit the exact needs of women founders and their communities.”

FourthWave’s team and advisors are committed to helping women grow and scale inclusive companies that can remain in Sacramento. We seek to help build and attract new capital, especially early stage funding, and to contribute to Sacramento’s economic development job producing innovation sectors in a way that is reflective of the region’s diverse demographics and increasingly STEAM-centric (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, Math) talent base.

In Sacramento, the emerging economy is fueled by Med/Health Tech, Gov/Civic Tech, Bio Tech, Ag Tech, and Clean Tech. The region is seeing a rapid escalation of women starting new technology businesses and bringing their companies here to take advantage of this growth opportunity and the talent base and supportive start-up ecosystem. And there is pent-up demand for companies in need of scaling support, early stage capital, and focused mentoring to get to the next level. It’s an exciting time to be in Sacramento helping women technology founders.

FourthWave is proud to be a part of growing this exciting, new innovation community in Sacramento.

For information about our Sacramento Programs and Events Click Here. 


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