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Fourthwave | Sweetcode: Sweet Way to Find Tech Talent
FourthWave loves Sweetcode.
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Sweetcode is Sweet

Sweetcode is Sweet

Sweetcode is very cool site filled with blogs, case studies, and white papers from tech developers (you know-the experts tech companies need to find/hire or partner with) — tech developers who could just as easily be female, minority, or “late start” developers.

Sweetcode is the unbiased answer to developers who want to write and be in community with peers, who want their blogs and case studies to be effective tools for developing business, and who want to share what they know and discover things they don’t.

The site owned and managed by Fixate IO. Yolanda Fintschenko, co-founder of Fixate and FounderTraction, a data-driven digital agency specializing in strategy, marketing and design. Yolanda shared with us she’s looking to attract even more female, minority, and “late-start” developers to Sweetcode by partnering with peeps like Holberton School and Women Who Code (and us perhaps?) in recruiting under-represented developers and sharing their great content with founders.

FourthWave loves Sweetcode for the site’s simplicity of searching by topic (see below), for the valuable and expert content you find, and for the real-time appeal of the content subject matter, which makes for an educational (and very handy) creative way to find talent connected to the problems or solutions you seek to address as a founder. It also gives voice and light to developers who don’t fit into the traditional Silicon Valley mold.

Sweetcode is well…sweet!


If you are interested in being a contributor for them or finding talent from their site, click here or click on the image below.

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