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Fourthwave | Inclusion = Innovation Or “Unshackling” Potential
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Inclusion = Innovation Or “Unshackling” Potential

Inclusion = Innovation Or “Unshackling” Potential

Recently FourthWave Co-founder and Sacramento’s Program Director Tracy Saville attend two events around equality and inclusion on behalf of the team, hosted by the City of Sacramento and by the region’s economic development organization, The Greater Sacramento Economic Council. Inclusion, the active embodiment of a diverse, fully engaged community and business economy, is a hallmark of the highest performing companies and the most vibrant cities. Sacramento understands that diversity is innovation.

New York Mayor Bill de Blasio was hosted by Sacramento Mayor Steinberg on April 6th and FourthWave was there at a roundtable discussion on immigration with other business leaders from across the Sacramento Region. This roundtable was an intimate conversation about inclusion and how cities achieve it in a post-Trump world where Sanctuary Cities are also often emerging innovation cities. From east to west coasts it seems there is success in connecting these dots – inclusion = innovation – and the cities who value their immigrant citizenry equal to anyone else are reaping the attention of thinkers, investors, progressive leaders, and community makers.

FourthWave also spent time with Manan Mehta, founding partner of Unshackled Ventures, an exciting early stage investment group helping to grow immigrant-owned start-ups.

A key to the success of an innovation ecosystem is how well or challenged are immigrants in engaging fully? Manan has a mission to create 100,000 jobs and help immigrants scale faster, committed to championing the often-times difficult legal processes for entrepreneurs to be in the US as part of their support.

And so Sacramento looks and feels like it’s exploding into innovation, by way of its diverse roots. It is a city known the world over as among the most diverse, as the farm-to-fork capital of the world, and a vibrant city of art, culture, and place-making. Sacramento is home to change-agents, entrepreneurs, and responsive government — all building an emerging health, ag, civic, bio, and clean tech innovation ecosystem attracting new capital and attention from like-minded dreamers.

FourthWave is proud to be a part of co-creating this culture of innovation.


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