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Fourthwave | StartUp Sac Profiles Community Dinner
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StartUp Sac Profiles Community Dinner

StartUp Sac Profiles Community Dinner

We have great collaboration partners.

One of them, StartUpSac.com, is a connecting platform in the Sacramento innovation community. They just covered our first Community Dinner for our 2017 Sacramento cohort, fresh off the selection on ramp. Read that full article here. 

We SO appreciate this capture of the energy and authentic experience to our brand of community-building. We know we’re working to co-create a different kind of community, where everyone – from investors and founders to all who provide the support village – are equal to each other and strongest when built on relationship values. Yet, when it’s felt and seen by others, its both gratifying that we’re starting off right, and it’s a testament to the close, co-creative community we have in Sacramento.

These CEOs are extraordinary. Their companies are already valuable high-performers with $100+ million potential (of course we can’t predict that truly, but by every measurable yardstick they all are where they need to be to experience that level of success if they stay their course).

They are already job producers to the Sacramento region (apx 40 jobs so far and about to expand as they hit their scale and growth strides this and next year), and every one of them has real traction in their sectors. They are all disruptive tech with smart strategy fueling their global market reach potential, and their diversity as a group reflects our region. These 7 CEOs are also already committed to being conscious leaders and growing inclusive, high-performing companies.

So, thank you Jeff Bennett and your team for everything you do!

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