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Fourthwave | The RedMelon Company: Sacramento Cohort Member Le Vuong
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The RedMelon Company: Sacramento Cohort Member Le Vuong

The RedMelon Company: Sacramento Cohort Member Le Vuong

Meet The RedMelon Company and Le Vuong.

We are so proud to be advising/helping the founder/chief scientist Le Vuong of The RedMelon Company. Le’s tech is the patented extraction process for RedMelon nutrients, but also she has laser clear and focused creative and product vision for product uses, for ways to think about the benefits of RedMelon.

Le is also our FourthWave cohort member this year in Sacramento (accelerator for female tech co’s) and is featured in an exceptional documentary on women in AgTech by journalist, visual storyteller Amy Wu. (Le’s story is at 9:02 in the video, but we encourage you to watch all the amazing women and hear their agtech stories firsthand).

This documentary (and Le’s story) is a POWERFUL look at what it is to be a female AgTech entrepreneur in the still gender and culturally-biased world of agriculture. Though changing in large part from women (and men) who are moving past old archetypes of who should be innovating in this space and creating the new valuable technology in it – women in particular are taking their disposition for ‘full circle’ thinking that includes social impacts, and are re-engineering our food systems, using technology to disrupt by solving real first and third-world problems, and by making the food system and AgTech for women not just an option, but a preferred path where women can lead in reimagining how the world grows, uses, distributes, and consumes food.

Watch the documentary by clicking on the image.

Le Vuong, Founder, Chief Science Officer, The Red Melon Company



Making it possible: The RedMelon Institute and a first 10-acre test crop here in the Sacramento Region.

Le needs a farm partner with business development vision. She’s looking for crop and product financing/capital partners who share her vision for what’s possible; she’s looking for food and health/beauty product channel partners to help her quickly move her 4 product lines right now to generate short term revenue.

Le’s immediate plan behind her vision starts with securing a one acre plot (to be expanded to 10 acre after two years) to house both the first full US-based crop and a lab – all by the end of 2017. This first site becomes the global RedMelon Institute – a product research/education/destination for other researchers, food system and industry people, consumers, and for her seed production hub. She will in two years (first yield) expand to 10 acres; within 3 years look to be in growth/expansion mode to be the US’s (and world’s) supplier of RedMelon seeds (for other growers), of oil and powder from her patented extraction process, and of food, consumer, and health products made from RedMelon.

RedMelon oil and powder is the world’s best kept secret and answer to Vitamin A deficiency diseases. It will help end night blindness in 3rd world countries and other eye and skin diseases. It replaces toxins/synthetics for use in healing and beauty applications for skin care, including inflammatory disease. It produces a colorant for food and other things (textiles you name it) that is 100% natural, and offers a whole new w/CBD extract product line potential with endless healing applications.


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