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Get the latest details about our Sacramento programs.
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We launched in Sacramento in February of 2017 as a “co-creating beta” year, working together with public and private partners to create the most effective start-up ecosystem for women.


Our Sacramento program in 2017 has received funding through the City of Sacramento’s RAILS Innovation Grant Program, and is being developed and delivered by a co-founding group of mentors, advisors, and business, technology, and capital leaders from the region. Sacramento applicant program costs are waived as a grant-funded city program for 2017. 


The application period for the 2017 Sacramento program is now closed. Thank you to all the founders and their companies who applied.

FourthWave’s team and advisors are committed to helping best-in-class, women-led technology companies grow and scale with diverse teams, led by conscious leaders and teams who can remain in Sacramento.


We seek to assist participating companies find accessible capital and to help them grow their companies to be high-performing, job-producing enterprises.


Our goal is to help these companies be powerful contributors to Sacramento’s economic development and innovation sectors, reflective of the region’s diverse demographics and rising talent base.


APPLICATIONS FOR 2017: Due April 12, 2017 (Extended). The program runs from April 30th to December 31 2017. 

SELECTION INTERVIEWS: Third Week of April, 2017


COMMUNITY DINNER: April 30th, 2017. This is the private, relationship-building evening for the new cohorts.

    • For founders to connect with peers and industry leaders – no pitching; there to enjoy great food & share stories.
    • A natural environment for catalyzing mentor relationships.
    • Both entrepreneurs and veterans value the intimacy & community these gatherings foster.
    • Celebrating Sacramento’s renowned local farm-to-fork culinary delights at a local Sacramento female-founded eatery.

WEEKEND IMMERSION WORKSHOP:  May 20th, 2017. This is a customized day of training. Three critical elements: Conscious Leadership, Diversity and Performance, and Advanced Pitching/Capital Raising. Each session will be geared to the participant founders and their needs, including any key team members, taught by veteran venture experts.

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2017 Cohort


Instructors, program curriculum, and our 2017 Class of Founders profiles will be found below in the near future. Here’s a few pics from our Community Dinner held April 30th in Sacramento. More to come!

Screenshot 2017-05-03 11.28.24
Screenshot 2017-05-03 11.29.18
Diverse group of Asian, Hispanic, and African American teen girls are studying together in college or public library. High school or college students are discussing something with study group while using digital tablets, laptop computers, and textbooks to prepare for exam.
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