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We have many co-creators, collaborators, and partners in our pursuit of helping to make women-led technology companies best-in-class, diverse, and high performers.
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Collaboration and co-creation is how we work together in cities to build the best possible start-up and entrepreneurial ecosystems for women-led technology companies. Diversity, conscious leadership, best-in-class: these are the values we share with partners and collaborators.

StartupSac is an information and community-building collaborator. Founder Jeff Bennett has created the information, community-building platform for the Sacramento start-up ecosystem and is an important part of why this region is emerging as an innovation leader. His team are connectors and their mission is help build, galvanize and catalyze Sacramento as the next great startup & innovation ecosystem.

I/O Lab is a collaboration partner with FourthWave in Sacramento, providing thoughtfully designed space and access to a highly curated community and education programming to create an optimal environment in which FourthWave companies can thrive. They believe the best way to have an impact on Sacramento’s startup ecosystem is to give its entrepreneurs a place to gather and work together like no other, a place to learn valuable skills in accredited programs taught by professional educators, a place to be mentored by the best the region has to offer.

SoGal is a global power network of 50,000+ millennial female entrepreneurs and investors, with 10 city chapters across the US and Asia. In the past two years, SoGal has created and co-hosted over 200 high-impact conferences, competitions, and events around the world. Founder Pocket Sun has been featured on the cover of Forbes magazine, BBC World News, TEDxShanghaiWomen, Harper’s BAZAAR, etc. SoGal Ventures is the first female-led millennial venture capital firm, investing in early stage startups in the US and Asia. We invest in global-first, next-generation, and design-focused businesses founded by diverse entrepreneurs. The two GPs of the fund have invested 28 companies since the end of 2015.

“We’re at an unique point in history where the things that we are building are going to significantly impact our social, political, economical, and personal lives.” -Anita Borg (1949-2003). ABI.LosAngeles, a local chapter of the Anita Borg Institute (ABI), works to connect, inspire and guide women technologists and organizations, where technology innovation drives growth. The Anita Borg Institute launched the Grace Hopper Celebration of Women in Computing (GHC), which is now the world’s largest annual gathering of women technologists.  ABI.LosAngeles hosts regular events for over 200 active members, and engages local tech leaders to contribute and support our vibrant community.

The focus and goal of WFN is to connect women founders building high-growth businesses not only with the required capital, but with the resources, connections, mentorship and sponsorship that they need to grow scalable, transformative, successful businesses. Founded by Darya Allen-Attar in 2013, WFN has awarded and directly invested $485,000 in women-founded companies through our annual Fast Pitch Competition (based in Los Angeles) over the past four years, and alumni have gone on to raise over $30 million in funding.

Lila Wallrich is creative director and CEO of Wallrich Creative Communications, a Northern California consulting firm that provides branding, marketing, advertising and interactive services for clients both regionally and nationally. Now in its twenty-eighth year of business with a seasoned team of strategic, creative and technical experts; Wallrich is a recognized leader in developing integrated tactics that help organizations communicate better in every situation.


The TOGETHER! Network is a movement and advocacy group for purpose-driven women entrepreneurs. It is our focus to increase the percentage of small businesses in Los Angeles owned and run by women. We do this via educational conferences, events, workshops and meet-ups, focused on providing VALUE, COMMUNITY and a SUPPORT SYSTEM for new and existing women entrepreneurs. We distinguish ourselves by using design-thinking principles, and apply empathy and human-centered practices that help women bring their underutilized skills and talents to the forefront. We see business as a vehicle for positive change, and to impact the world through social goals.

Tuesdaynights is an invite-only collaborative community of female executives and entrepreneurs in Los Angeles. Our  popular bimonthly events which typically fill up in a few hours feature a dynamic and diverse community supporting women, and helping others in such diverse industries as fashion, e-commerce, technology, mobile, media, consumer products, PR, advertising, nonprofit, venture capital, and entertainment. Each event features different themes, with as a host or panel, and female leaders in their fields to share insights, as well as a nonprofit affecting the lives of women or girls, who will share how they are making a difference.

MixR is a purpose-driven, women-driven and security-driven company. We believe that collaboration is the new leadership to create balance. Looking at the challenges we are collectively facing, the world would immensely benefit from feminine visions, values and contributions. MixR is an enabler that allows for such collaboration to happen in a practical and meaningful way; our social network helps women and like-minded men catalyze civic and community engagement to amplify their social impact, at a local level and global scale. Our platform is designed to easily create local in-person groups based on common interests or passions women deeply care about – together we can co-create the world we’d like to see.

Equallet is a local search platform that helps people discover women-owned businesses in their communities. Our mobile-friendly website features products and services offered by women that can be filtered by category, keyword, ratings or reviews and delivers relevant search results from any device. By conscientiously directing our consumer dollars to women-owned businesses using Equallet, we not only get exactly what we are looking for but also help to accelerate the path to gender parity. As these businesses grow, they create jobs and advancement opportunities for women, that in turn elevate and generate more female leaders. With more women in decision-making positions, we can move expeditiously to eradicate unfair laws and practices. Together, we can achieve gender equality with our wallets.

WE ARE ENOUGH is a Los Angeles-based non-profit organization founded to educate women globally on why and how to invest in women-owned businesses and/or with a “gender lens”. We are issuing a call to action to all women of every social and economic level to be less risk adverse, go beyond philanthropy, be comfortable with building wealth, and move some of those dollars into for profit businesses led by women. No other non-profit is focused on growing the number of women who invest in women. We Are Enough does not provide investment advice or direct investments to individual companies.

Dynasty Video is collaborating with FourthWave by helping to tell the accurate stories of women founders, which are the stories of all the women leaders who are forging innovation communities in cities everywhere. Lisa Randall and her sons (a family-run enterprise) have been tested around the world. Clients as diverse as CBS Sports, MTV Network, A&E Biography, The History Channel, TNT Sports, Paramount Pictures and The Discovery Channel rely on Dynasty Videos’ 24 years of experience and state of the art video and audio equipment, and storytelling art form.

The Sacculturalhub.com website is the #1 premiere and leading source for urban entertainment news, community events and outreach opportunities in Northern California.  The website launched in March 2002 providing an internet platform of a variety of multicultural events, job announcements, political updates, career profiles, weekly e-newsletter, professional business services, community resources, educational opportunities and advertising services.  The website also hosts a photo gallery of Northern California residents, visitors, and celebrities.  The website currently receives over 2 million national hits each month with over 20,000 unique visitors each month.

Laura Hansen, CEO and founder of Gold Vision, LLC is a technology founder herself and an expert in human mechanics. She is a Veteran Advisor to FourthWave companies, is a community builder, and through her company provides personal, professional, and organizational development education through a methodology she’s developed called Life Mechanics: a set of creative innovation tools and processes used for goal achievement, personal clarity and stability, relationship building and creating empowering civic and work cultures.